Wednesday, June 8, 2011

writing an english essay about 'MY LIFE'

okay... senyap lagi... bisu lagi...  dont know what to say. seriously, there is like a lot of things happen around me but i just dont know how to write in here. (dont tell me just click on ur keyboard and the word will come out magically okay).

honestly, this week is not really a busy week its just an ordinary week, sometimes i will be at lab, working on my project then other time just being at home, lazily not doing anything. sometimes feel like there are hell lot things to think but i just ignored it. dont really like to full the head with all sorts of things at one time (but sometimes it will full with the craps. -.-'')

when i feel down, there will always be someone who will make my day. ^_^ thank you FRIENDS.

sometimes i just feel like, "okay, i am dome here. no more study no more book just i wanna go back home" but then i think again, i have gone through almost 3 years of my studies, i want to have a bright future as in big house, big car, BIG BUSINESS (insya'Allah) then how long can it be waiting for another 1 year to graduate (Insya'Allah) right?

can I catch the LIGHT?

seriously, feel just like yesterday when i first came to this Terengganu and bang! another 1 year then I'm done. seriously done... can't wait for that moment. ^__^ to be honest, i think i will not be missing this place but THE PEOPLE that the one that i seriously gonna miss. my friends is my family here, they are my everything. don't really know how to live when they are not here. *sigh* thinking the moment that we will be separated make my heart ache. =(

TIME sure fly FAST!

now... now... chacha, relax. at least you still have another 1 semester to be with your friends right? just enjoy your time as a student and appreciate what you have around you. ^__^

p/s: i know that my friends will always be by my side whenever i needed then but sometime i feel that, now is the moment to have someone, that special someone who will really understand and support me when i'm feeling down. and maybe that special someone is YOU. ^__^

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