Thursday, June 16, 2011

ouh MR.heart... are you home?

ever felt lonely? empty? if yes sent 'ON KAWAN' to 39999.

hoho~~ just joking. but i don't really know if it is funny -.-''

but seriously, there is some point in your life you will feel damn empty. for me, like right now. its not like my friend abandoned me or so, it is just null, zero. i wonder if i still have my heart in there. "hello, mr.heart? are you in there?" if yes, then why do i felt lonely? or maybe i don't get close enough to HIM. ='(

as we all know to HIM is the best place we seek help and the best ever place to talk to, you can talk about anything and HE will listen, HE will never ever left his SERVANT, it is us who always forget about HIM, always left HIM behind and only seek help when we are in trouble right?

now, at this moment sometimes i feel that it is okay if i don't have the love from any human, it is more than enough to have HIS love as HIS love is the eternal love.

ohh, okay... i am lost now. don't really know what to write, just it is the feel to let go. i want all the loneliness to go away. my heart is disorganized right now. maybe need some major cleanup. =.=''

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