Saturday, September 25, 2010

his heart break into 1000 pieces

this morning, i have called my little brother because he said that he really need someone right now. when i called him, he was sounding like he really is lost. feeling like crying when hearing him like that. =(

is it wrong to love someone? i don't think so. but maybe sometimes we just loved the wrong person. he told me that the girl that he knows, he love, and gave all he has, has turned him down. because she didn't really has gotten over her ex. after all the hope that she has given to my lil bro, after all lil bro has given to her, his hope, his love, his spirit and his everything. and now she has gone, living him alone.

he has come to me, talking, pouring all his heart felt but i, just able to listen. can't do nothing. just because i don't really know what to say in order to comfort him. just pray that he will be okay soon and may his spirit will be back. wishing you all the best lil bro. i will always be here for you.

people, any idea on how to mend a broken heart?

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